Waste Clearance and Removals

Following a successful enforcement we can offer our clients additional services to fully manage any clean-up operations required. Increasingly we find that once we have removed trespassers from our client’s land or premises there is a requirement for the removal of waste and the safe disposal of it. Once an enforcement is complete and upon your request, we will instruct our Facilities Department to carry out a risk assessment of the required works. We endeavor to hand back control of your land in the same condition as it was prior to the requirement for enforcement. 

Additionally, tents and the homeless community regularly set up camps and small tent villages where rubbish can quickly begin to accumulate. Amongst this rubbish you can find human waste, hypodermic needles and other contaminated waste which should not be left unattended. While we are on site dealing with matters such as the above, our clients can rely on us to manage any issues as they arise. EAS can provide you with an unrivalled level of support.  If you have an issue or special request and would like to talk to a member of Our Team, please click to contact us or request a call back.




What are the fees for waste clearance and removals?

Transparent and competitive quotes are given on a job by job basis. Amount of waste and types of waste can vary significantly per job and have to be taken into account when pricing the job.

How do I request the services of EAS Enforcement Agent Services to remove waste from my land or property?

  • To request the services of EAS Enforcement Agent Services to remove waste from your land or property click the 'Instruct Us' button below and fill out the instruction form. 

  • If you would like to talk to a member of the EAS Support Team please call 02921 690 089 or request a call back below.

  • You can also email us at info@easenforcement.com or chat online with us through or dedicated customer service chat facility below. 

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