Traveller & Squatter Removals

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EAS Enforcement Agent Services has a 100% success rate in Traveller and Squatter removals. We are proficient in fast and lawful removal of traveller caravans, squatters, protesters and homeless encampments. EAS Enforcement provides its commercial property clients with an unrivaled level of support and knowledge. For further explanation on the topics below or for any other questions you may have please contact our dedicated EAS Client Support Team by clicking contact us or requesting a call.


I have Travellers or Squatters on my land. Can EAS Enforcement help?

The simple answer is Yes!

We’re highly experienced in the removal of all aspects of trespass. EAS Enforcement Agent Services deal with Traveller Caravans, Squatters, Homeless Encampments and Protesters on a daily basis. EAS Enforcement is a nationwide operation, enabling us to offer a same day eviction anywhere in England & Wales. Under Common Law, EAS enforcement agents will serve a notice to leave. Should your trespassers fail to leave, then we can use a reasonable amount of force to ensure vacant possession is returned to you.

If you are a local authority client, we can issue your Section 77 notice on your behalf or enforce your Section 78 order from the magistrate’s court. 

If you have obtained a possession order for the land and wish to escalate matters to the High Court for a Writ of Possession, please find information here on how we can help you to escalate your case to the high court

How does an eviction work?

EAS Certificated Enforcement Agents will attend the site in order to serve notices on the trespassers. While executing this, they will conduct a full risk assessment of the site and will identify the resources required in order to complete the eviction safely and lawfully. 

We will then mobilise our team which can include Enforcement Agents, Post Eviction Security Staff, Dog Handlers, Recovery Operators, Specialist entry staff, Waste and rubbish removal contractors and the local police force.  

We will clear all trespassers and upon vacant possession of the land, the onsite EAS Senior Enforcement Agent will liaise with the landowner to discuss future prevention of trespass and any other site-specific requirements. 

How do I instruct EAS Enforcement Agent Services to remove travellers or squatters from my land?

To instruct EAS Enforcement Agent Services to evict the trespassers from your land click the 'Instruct Us' button below and fill out the instruction form. 

If you would like to talk to a member of the EAS Support Team please call 02921 690 089 or request a call back below.

You can also email us at or chat online with us through or dedicated customer service chat facility below. 

How quickly can the EAS Enforcement Team act?

We act immediately upon receipt of instruction. 24 hours per day, seven days a week. because we understand the importance of acting quickly in this situation. When trespassers are left on your land, damage and repair costs begin to add up. The faster you act to instruct us, the quicker we can act to resolve your situation.


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