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EAS Enforcement has a 100% success rate in animal removals. We are proficient in fast and lawful removal of horses, livestock and other animals. Due to our diverse knowledge and experience, EAS can provide you with an unrivalled level of support.  If you have an issue or special request and would like to talk to a member of Our Team, please click to contact us or request a call back.


I have horses, livestock or other animals on my land. Can EAS Enforcement help?

The simple answer is Yes!

We’re highly experienced in the removal of all types of animals from land. EAS Enforcement Agent Services can manage the removal of horses, livestock and other animals. EAS Enforcement is a nationwide operation, enabling us to offer a same day "Notice Serve" anywhere in England & Wales. 

To instruct EAS Enforcement Agent Services to remove horses or livestock from your land click the 'Instruct Us' button below and fill out the instruction form. If you would like to talk to a member of the EAS Support Team please call 02921 690 089 or request a call back below. You can also email us at or chat online with us through or dedicated customer service chat facility below. 

What is the process for removal of horses, livestock and other animals from my land?

  • EAS Certificated Enforcement Agents will attend the site in order to serve notices on the trespassers. While executing this, they will conduct a full risk assessment of the site and will identify the resources required in order to complete the eviction safely and lawfully. 

  • On arrival our notice is served giving 96 hours for the owner of the animals to come forward and arrange their own removal from the land. 

  • A full risk assessment is carried out, including welfare checks on any animals on site. If there are immediate concerns or risks for animal welfare, then we will act immediately and accordingly. Sufficient access to food and water is provided in the short term for the animals. 

  • Local Authority and animal welfare charities will be made aware of our instructions and intended actions to remove the horses/animals. Their assistance is always encouraged.

  • The horses will be photographed to accompany our full report. 

  • Our in-house team will then make enquiries to locate the owner and to make them aware of the impending action, thus giving further opportunity for the horses to be removed by the owner without our intervention. 

  • If no response is received, upon expiry of the previously served 96-hour notice, the landlord can take legal ownership of the horses and further instruct us to have them removed. 

  • The horses can be safely removed to an approved livery for further storage, donated to an animal charity, or given to a new owner. We will liaise with the local authority and the RSPCA during this action. 

How quickly can the EAS Enforcement Team act?

We act immediately upon receipt of instruction. 24 hours per day, seven days a week. because we understand the importance of acting quickly in this situation. When animals are left on your land, damage and repair costs begin to add up. The faster you act to instruct us, the quicker we can act to resolve your situation.


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