Abandoned Vehicle Removal

EAS Enforcement can legally facilitate fast removal of all vehicles from your land or property. Once instructed we will act immediately. We will manage the whole process of  removal, from serving the notice, locating the owner, to removal and clean up.

Abandoned vehicles have a negative impact on the environment, look unsightly and can lower the quality of life of the surrounding area. They are either a result of crime or attract further anti-social behavior. They can also:

  • take up valuable client/customer parking and other spaces.

  • look unsightly to customers/clients at your site and give a bad image of your business. 

  • quickly become dangerous when vandalised, filled with hazardous waste and can be become rat infested.

  • encourage other people to abandon vehicles nearby. 

With a proven track record, EAS are proficient in delivering premium nationwide enforcement solutions to its clients. Our diverse knowledge and experience, enables EAS to provide you with an unrivalled level of support.  If you have an abandoned vehicle issue or special request and would like to talk to a member of our team, please click to contact us or request a call back.


Why do vehicles become abandoned?

Vehicles can become abandoned on your property for a number of reasons:

  • The vehicle has broken down and the owner hasn't made arrangements for it to be moved.

  • The vehicle has been stolen and dumped,

  • Being temporarily stored at low cost to the owner.

I have an abandoned vehicle on my land. Can EAS Enforcement help?

The simple answer is Yes!

EAS are are legally able to remove abandoned vehicles.

We’re highly experienced in the removal of all abandoned vehicles, both land and marine. EAS Enforcement is a nationwide operation, enabling us to offer a fast and efficient removal anywhere in England & Wales. 

What is the process for removing an abandoned vehicle?

  • On the same day as instructed EAS Certificated Enforcement Agents will attend the site in order to serve a notice. While executing this, they will photograph the location of the vehicle and conduct a full risk assessment, identifying the resources required in order to complete the removal safely and lawfully. 

  • Once the notice has been served 7 days will be allowed for this vehicle to be moved by its owner.

  • During this 7-day period we will undertake extensive enquiries to locate the vehicle’s owner.

  • If after 7 days has expired and no owner has been located, or the owner has been located but has not moved the vehicle, our agents will re-attend and remove the vehicle with the assistance of our partner recovery contractor.

  • Once the vehicle has been removed, the onsite EAS Senior Enforcement Agent will liaise with the landowner to discuss future prevention of trespass and any other site-specific requirements. 

How do I instruct EAS Enforcement Agent Services to remove an abandoned vehicle from my land?

  • To instruct EAS Enforcement Agent Services to remove an abandoned vehicle from your land click the 'Instruct Us' button below and fill out the instruction form. 

  • If you would like to talk to a member of the EAS Support Team please call 02921 690 089 or request a call back below.

  • You can also email us at info@easenforcement.com or chat online with us through or dedicated customer service chat facility below. 


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